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#MeetMollyIvins: Shrub Flubs his Dub

You may remember in 2001, Senator Jim Jeffords abandoned the Republican party due to the “changing nature of the party,” giving Democrats a one seat majority. Molly tackles the implications for the change on the Bush/Rove White House and assumes readers will blame Texas. “It’s often hard to discern the difference between Texas Tough and Texas Stupid.”

Shrub Flubs His Dub, by Molly Ivins

“Karl Rove, the man known as “Bush’s Brain,” would never do anything mean, dirty, petty or tacky. I say this because one of the things I have learned from Rove and Karen Hughes–counselor to His Bushness and also known as Nurse Ratchet–is that if you say something often enough, like “compassionate conservative” or ‘leave no child behind,’ the reality makes no difference; people remember only the slogan.”

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