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Fairtytale Flashback: LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD

In our second edition of Fairytale Flasback, we’re bringing you a whole mess of Little Red Riding Hoods! Did you know: the cape/hood wasn’t always a cape. In early versions of the tale, including the Grimm version we link to below, it was simply a jaunty red cap. I don’t know, somehow “Little Red Cap” doesn’t have the same ring to it as “Little Red Riding Hood”… but maybe that’s just me?

A collage of Little Red Riding Hoods

Click for the Brother’s Grimm version of the tale!

With many thanks to D.L. Ashliman’s folk tale library, (click to view) we’ve got a whole mess of Little Red stories ripe for the reading – just click here to get to them – but don’t be surprised if they’re less “happily ever after” than you remember!

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